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After placing an order please email me at and let me know Name/Date/Time &

Phone number for your order.

Please note Colours may vary to below. 

Please specify colour.

Can do similar never exactly the same as these bouquets are made to order and everyone is made differently and unique just for you! How special!!

Small Rose Bouquet

7 Cupcakes

In your choice of colour


Large Rose Bouquet

14 Cupcakes

In your choice of colour


Small  Mixed Standard Bouquet

7 Cupcakes

In your choice of colour


Large Mixed Standard Bouquet

Comes in a Large Personalised Pot

 14 Cupcakes


Small Detailed Bouquet Pot 

7 Cupcakes


Large Detailed Mixed Bouquet

14 Cupcakes - Colour may vary


Box of 6

Mixed  Flower Box


Box of 12 

Mixed Flower Box 



Box of 6 Roses

Your Choice of Colour


Box of 12 Roses

Your choice of Colour


Box of 24 Mini's -

Small Bite size


Boxes of 12 in Your Choice of Picture 

Toppers. Photos of People, Logos or Caracters etc 


Lux Boxes of 4 Cupcakes in a Clear carry Box

The perfect little Lux Gift 


Box of 6 Designed Cupcakes

In your choice of Colour


Purple Rose, Lily and Tulip

Combo Bouquet

7 Cupcakes


Single Cupcakes in Boxes 

In Your choice of Design - MIN 20

$6.50 Each


Box of 6 - I Love U 


Rose Bouquet with 14 Cupcakes in

Red Roses - Large Personalised Pot

and wrapped beauitfully


Box of 12 - Mixed Cupcakes in a Valentine's Day design. 


Chocolate Smash Heart

& 6 Cupcake  Box


Easter Box of 12 -

Adorable Creations 


Custom Design Disney Cupcakes

12 in a Box - $90

Small Sunflower Bouquet

7 In a Pot

with Personalised message


Large Sunflower Bouquet

14 in a Pot

with Personalised message


Christmas Cupcakes

Box of 6 - Christmas Designs


Christmas Bouquet

14 Red, Green and White Roses

Large Pot with Merry Christmas 

Comes beautifully wrapped 


Box of 12 Fondant Toppers

Christmas Designs 


Mini Cupcakes

Box of 24 - $30.00

Box of 48 - $60.00

Lux Box of 4 Christmas designs




Our Beautiful Dome Bouquets are Perfect for all Special Occasions.

They are definitely the WOW and conversation at that next Special Day.

They are Subject to availability on the day as I come out and set it all up on the day for you. 

Domes come in 35 -100 Cupcakes

Enquire Now

Please visit Us at:


Phone: 0438466848


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